MBA Sales Co-Founder

Sales Opportunity in Ed. Tech. for MBA Sales Co-Founder

Who We Are:
• Innovative Educational Technology;
• Veteran of several incubators with MIT-educated team transforming remote educational tools;
• Enabling students and professors to connect emotionally more directly with each other;
• Patent-pending technology employing deep learning and impact insights in pedagogy.

The Opportunity for MBA Sales Co-Founder:
• Sale of unique software platform for teaching at top-tier universities to enhance emotional connection and academic relationships building between professors and students;
• Target decision makers: Dean level-university personnel in consultation with Senior level IT and financial.

Candidate Qualifications of MBA Sales Co-Founder:
• Experienced Key Account Manager;
• Knowledge of Remote Work and/or Training;
• Exceptional Networking Ability;
• Previous experience in software/AI platform sales;
• Comfortable working with senior level decision-makers;
• Comfortable with complexity of enterprise sales;
• Preferably networked in Harvard and MIT, or Sold to Top-Tier Universities, or is an alum thereof.

MBA Sales Co-Founder

Seeking applicant for immediate start who responds quickly to this posting. Send resume with cover letter explaining your relationship to what we seek, why you wish to be part of a startup, and what you hope to accomplish for us.