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Pandemic-era remote learning systems cause professors to feel less obligation to help their students, and students have less permission to reach out to their professors. ClassTime.AI is an AI-First (computer vision based) system that systematically and automatically detects challenges of students and willingness of professors, and restores that emotional connection and educational experience. MBA Product Market Fit co-founder will engage with our target customer is higher education, especially research universities.

Over 62% of surveyed professors believe that remote learning will remain an essential component of 4-year top-tier education. Yet, surveys show that where 60% of typical university graduates had careers lined up post graduation, pre-pandemic, with distance learning that dropped to 18%.

Research has proven that our technology and system can close that gap, and then exceed the pre-pandemic careers placement success but still via remote learning. Remote learning is particularly essential for and challenging to minorities, people with disabilities, women, first generation, and people of color.

About the Role

The MBA Product Market Fit position focuses: First semester: on obtaining initial paying customers for a new product with a written commitment against deliverable specifications. Second semester: on leveraging the written commitment, whether one time payment or recurring, to raise a Series A venture capital round in accordance with venture documents provided by the team as developed with a TechStars Venture Deals team. Summer semester, the MBA Product Market Fit Internship focuses on product-market fit according to the national science foundation system.


MBA Product Market Fit Being Led by Alumnae of Oracle Corporation who served as an early employee, number 25, including through its Oracle’s IPO. Each year Oracle doubled its revenues year over year for those five years.

  • A company whose alumni have gone on to create many billion-dollar businesses is Oracle. Its former employees have started companies including Meraki, LendingClub, Cloudera, Nutanix, Rubrik, Snowflake, Veeva, and Workday.
  • At first blush, Oracle does not strike people as an entrepreneurial company, so the fact that it produced many billion-dollar startup founders might say something about the importance of skills like sales and enterprise go-to-market savviness because Oracle has a sales-oriented culture.
  • Companies like Google, Oracle, Facebook, and Amazon have graduated many billion-dollar startup founders.
  • Having one of those companies on the résumé could have helped founders with recruiting, selling to customers, and, most importantly, attracting the attention of investors.
  • These founders didn’t necessarily start billion-dollar companies because they worked at Google, Oracle, or IBM. Instead, perhaps those brand-name companies attracted the most ambitious and entrepreneurially minded people in the first place.
MBA Product Market Fit

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