ClassTime.AI Founding Team

The ClassTime.AI Founding Team features:

  • An experienced educator with:
    • four-year undergraduate studies in teaching,
    • with additional post-undergraduate studies of five years in education;
    • a post-graduate degree in teaching in a 3-year online only program where the teacher was in Israel, and the students were worldwide.
  • Deep immersion in target market as alumnae of significant world-class universities including:
    • Harvey Mudd College,
    • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA),
    • Tel Aviv University,
    • Weizmann Institute of Science.
  • Experience managing remote paid internships of MIT Students.
  • Early pioneering expertise in online learning experiences including teaching:
    • Body Language and Social Connection,
    • Entrepreneurship and Startups,
    • Venture Capital Fundraising (TechStars).
  • Tenacity in learning and completing courses on

ClassTime.AI Founding Team in Academic Environments

The ClassTime.AI Founding Team has extensive direct experience of higher education, ranging from small in-person intense private science and engineering elite universities to large public universities named for its famous city. Moreover, an educator on our team studied teaching during an undergraduate degree, and then continued to an elite post-graduate program in education. Subsequently, the educator earned a three-year online only degree culminating the studies in education.

ClassTime.AI Founding Team in Commercial Education Online

In contrast to these more formal environments, an educator in the ClassTime.AI Founding Team was repeatedly selected to teach students. Initially, the teaching served students in education, in-person. Later, the educator taught two different sets of entrepreneurship classes, both of them were online. During the first internet video age in 2011, the educator taught entrepreneurship over the course of several years online to masterminds of entrepreneurs. However, during the pandemic, the educator taught 40 students where the students sought to join a startup and to learn entrepreneurship and venture capital financing.

Founding Team Informal Education Online

In the least formal environment, the educator has completed courses in Udemy, Coursera, Packt and Masterclass. Unlike many students who do not complete online courses, the educator has the tenacity and determination, as demonstrate

ClassTime.AI Founding Team
ClassTime.AI Founding Team
ClassTime.AI Founding Team
ClassTime.AI Founding Team